Meet the Experts Panel

Pharmaco-Therapeutics in Oral Medicine: Practicalities and Precautions

Lori Reisner, PharmD, FCSHP

Friday, May 1
3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Jennifer Frustino, DMD, PhD


Pharmaco-therapeutics is one of the major pillars of the practice of oral medicine. This requires deep knowledge and continuous updates on wide array of therapeutic agents. This free-style session provides the opportunity to engage in a discussion with an expert in clinical pharmacy and benefit from the practical guides regarding the precautionary measures, interactions, side effects, and alternatives to the medication commonly prescribed in clinical practice.

About the Meet the Experts Session

The Meet the Expert session is designed to allow the opportunity for small groups of audience (25-30 max) to have a focused and an in-depth discussion with experts in essential topics in oral medicine and special care dentistry. Every session will consistent of a 15-minute introductory talk followed by 45-minute open format discussion (i.e. questions and answers). Conference attendees can pre-register for the session they desire to attend with final session assignments provided upon checking in on site at the conference. As space for each Expert session is limited, please ensure registering for your session ahead of time. Please, only attend the sessions for which you are assigned. This is a unique opportunity to learn from leading experts in the field so please come prepared with questions!

About the Presenter:

Lori Reisner, PharmD, FCSHP

Dr. Reisner joined the faculty of UCSF in 1987 as a Pharmacy Practice Resident and has served in various roles since that time, including as a lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy and Dentistry courses and as a clinical pharmacist for the UCSF Pain Management Center. She has also been a research pharmacist for the UCSF Pain Clinical Research Center as well as a consultant to the Center for TMD and Orofacial Pain in the UCSF School of Dentistry. She currently serves on various medication-related committees at UCSF Medical Center and enjoys her role as a preceptor for students and residents. Lori is a member of several professional organizations, including the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP), the American Pain Society (APS), and the International Society for the Study of Pain (IASP).

Dr. Reisner has been involved in the development of a pain traineeship with the American Society of Health-system Pharmacists (ASHP) and has served at different times on the Board of Directors, the Scientific Program Committee and the Task Force for Centers of Excellence in Pain Management for APS. She has also served on the membership committee of ACCP. She received the Long Foundation Award for Excellence in Teaching at UCSF in 1988 and in 2003. Dr. Reisner has been invited to address national and international groups and has publications in peer-reviewed journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine, Neurology, Dental Clinics of North America and the Annals of Pharmacotherapy. She sits on the editorial board for the Journal of Pharmaceutical Care in Pain and Symptom Control, and is a peer reviewer for the Annals of Pharmacotherapy and the Clinical Journal of Pain. She has authored chapters on pain management for the textbooks Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics, Handbook of Non-Prescription Drugs and the ACCP Reviews for Board Certification in Pharmacotherapy.