Oral Neoplasia in People Living with HIV: Divide, Detect and Conquer

Joel Palefsky

Thursday, April 30
8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Alessandro Villa, DDS, PhD, MPH


This talk with explore how HIV and HPV may interact to increase the risk of oropharyngeal neoplasia in people living with HIV, and how addressing infection with both of these viruses may reduce the risk in this population.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the epidemiology of oral HPV infection and HPV-associated oropharyngeal neoplasia in people living with HIV infection.
  2. Elaborate on the contemporary approaches for screening, and early detection of oral neoplasia in HIV population and their impact on the disease-related morbidity and mortality.
  3. Display the recent randomized clinical trials conducted to conquer the disease and improve the patients’ overall quality of life and mortality rates.